WATER: The water committee is collaborating with engineers in Nicaragua to design a water distribution system for 180 homes in Bramadero, Nicaragua. The community has an existing spring catchment that with retrofits could capture more water. A storage system is being designed to provide water insurance and a location for chlorine disinfection. The final goal is for water to run directly to a tap at each home in the community, freeing up time it takes women and children to gather water

CONSTRUCTION: A water system for 180 homes is a big project. To make sure the system is sustainable, EWB is committed to design a system based on local materials. The construction team supports the water team with information about local materials, where to get them, and the local prices.

HEALTH: The health committee not only considers the goal of improving long term health in Bramadero, but also the health of EWB volunteers during travel. The health committee makes sure everyone traveling to Nicaragua is prepared and safe.

IMPACT: We want to help others! It is important to learn from both our successes and our failures by monitoring the progress we make in communities. Monitoring requires carefully selected metrics that are measured throughout our time with a community.